Michael Gebert

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About Michael

Dr. Michael Gebert is by no means your typical business expert.

As an unshakable optimist, he believes in a bright future and our ability to built it together.

Helping people to truly understand how they can positively impact on the decision-making process, drive results AND maintain integrity, empowers people to realize more of their untapped potential. He is by no means your typical business expert. Michael’s famous for not just “talking” about digital transformation, future trends, and emerging technologies, but showing your audience “Exactly” how to use them.

Having delivered over 1,200 presentations, in over 100 different industries, spanning over 20 countries on all continents, you have the confidence of working with a seasoned professional with an enviable track record and a genuine human that is committed to adding massive value to your event.

With more than 30 years of experience Michael is assisting top-level professionals at many of the world's leading brands. In good times, in turbulent times, all times, discovering and executing the trends of tomorrow already today.


Topics of Expertise

Agile Open Innovation
Digital Transformation + Change
Alternative Financing
Future of Work + Ethics
China Evangelism + The New Silk Road
Efficient Blockchain adaption for Businesses
NFT and Crypto Business Models
Sustainable Mobility Concepts
Innovation Tactics + Best Practices
Innovation Managment of Exponential Technologies
Effective Artificial Intelligence Strategies
The New Normal - beyond 2020

Inspiring and surprising

I do cooperate with professionals to identify and realize meaningful business opportunities.

Captivate your audience, team and organization with mind-bending workshops, thought-provoking speeches and keynotes, tailored to your industry, virtual or live.

  • Workshop + Insight Sessions Innovation is driven by people, not by corporate processes. That is why our Insight Sessions gives your corporate team a platform to develop new business ideas that they are passionate about. Through intensive coaching the teams go from ideas to an executive pitch. Implanting a vivid Innovation DNA to develop and execute their ideas.

  • Speeches + Panels Talks, Sessions and Experiences designed to foster an immersive learning experience for delegates and to boost an innovative culture throughout the whole organization. Leaders need to adapt to the new realities of digitalization and the impact of technology on their business and industry.

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